High Speed Train

Off back up North and currently doing 200+kph on East Coast Mainline.


Having left Kings Cross station and its amazing roof inside a roof behind, we’re belting through the Cambridgeshire countryside (it’s nicer than Leicestershire) and being amazed by the number of wind turbines. Yeah, we’re really easily amazed.

This train does London to Doncaster in about 90 minutes. The journey the other way took over three hours. That’s what stopping 11 times does for you. That said, on the way down we were on schedule. This one is running a few minutes late, which wouldn’t be too bad if we had more than a few minutes to change to our Sheffield train once we get there. Could be tight.

Tomorrow: Sheffield United v Walsall.
Tonight: Russell Howard at the Arena.
And yes, I need to upload some photos.

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