High (price) Tea

It wasn’t so long ago that I commented on the price of stuff overseas. Yes, here’s that post.

Of course, everything is expensive when you look at the tragic state of the South African Rand, but travel – especially train travel in the UK – is stupidly, near prohibitively, expensive.

But according to friendoftheblog Brian Micklethwait, train travel is cheaper (or at least better value) than some other stuff you could do in the UK.

Adults “from” £45. And I bet all they do is point at these various Things, and talk. There’s no way they let you out to actually explore them. That would take too long. So, pass. I reckon I could go by train to Birmingham and back for that.

He’s talking about this bus tour around the Big Smoke. The UK version of High Tea at the Nelly, but on a bus (and more than three times the price). Yeah, it’s a lovely idea, but it is hugely expensive – and it’s good that our resident London resident noted that too, and rather than riding it, derided it – in Capital style:

But forty five quid for a bus ride, some sandwiches, cakes and a cup of tea? Pull, as we say in these parts, the other one. Give, to coin a phrase, over.

Colloquial expression with interjected locution is the new black.

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