He’s Crashed It! He’s Crashed It!

There used to be a police based TV series in the UK whose credits finished with the words of that title over the police radio. That was presumably with reference to some scrote stealing and joyriding some high powered vehicle or other – I believe it’s called a TWOC these days – before meeting an untimely end.

Not in my garden though. The crashing in this case was a dragonfly which had gone down like a Messerschmitt after meeting a Spitfire, face first into the patio.

Or maybe it was doing gymnastics?
Or perhaps it was praying? I don’t know.

The front end might have been a bit battered, but s/he was still very much alive and kicking (if not flying), and I gave him/her a helpful lift to the relative safety of a flower bed before the starlings got a cheap meal.

My best guess – so far – is that this is a Red-Veined Dropwing (Trithemis arteriosa), but I stand (not on my head) to be corrected.