Hero in a HalfShell


Zumatello hits the election campaign.

¼ of the world’s most awesome fighting team

Straight away, one can see the direct parallels:

Donatello (who wore the purple mask, of course) was the brilliant scientist, inventor, engineer, and technological genius. He was perhaps the least violent Turtle, preferring to use his intellect to solve conflicts.

Zumatello (who is wearing the red mask, above) is the brilliant ANC President, polygamist, alleged fraudster and political genius. He is perhaps the least trusted Turtle, preferring to use his friends as scapegoats to avoid prosecution.

6000 miles… does not condone the defacing of election campaign posters unless it’s really, really amusing and you send photographic evidence to us here chez 6000.

9 thoughts on “Hero in a HalfShell

  1. Now there’s an idea… superhero posters for election campaigns!! It would be really interesting to see what superheros the politicians would choose!! 😀

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  2. Rob > He employs them.

    Lady Fi > It’s the way forward.

    OL > Was it you that did this?

    Wiggy > Gorgon Brown is next.

    HH > Margaret Thatcher = Wonder Woman.

  3. Anybody see mme Zille doing the cha-cha shuffle over the weekend? Almost more amusing than Zumatello. Helen, stick to only the Botox, baby………

  4. Neil > Agreed.

    Morticia > Where would we be without politicians emboeressing themselves? It would be a miserable world.

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