Hello 2010

I was busy braai’ing as the sun set on 2009 and – thanks to a couple of wonderful, near-textbook examples of the always enjoyable pavor nocturnus – I was busy playing catch-up on my sleep as it rose again on 2010.
Fortunately, there are a band of willing photographers who don’t seem to require quite as much red meat or slumber as I do. One of those is Joy-Anne Goodenough, whose work has previously graced the pixels of 6000 miles… twice before: here and more notably here, with a couple of shots from the last light of 2008.

Well, this is Joy-Anne’s photograph “Sunrise from Red Hill, New Years Day 2o1o” which pretty much tells you the what, where and when of things and saves me from having to do the same.

Incidentally (and neatly completing the circle) Joy-Anne was out and about on New Year’s Eve as well, capturing the very last light of 2009 (and here) and (of course) they’re damn good; but I remain a huge fan of her 2008 efforts.

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  1. Iz a day late – forgive me. Just wanted to wish you and yours a goeie nuwe jaar! 😀 Hope the year will treat you well – you have so much to look forward to – footie in June, a-ha in December… enjoy!
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..First… =-.

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