It’s been a truly hectic weekend, negotiating the tricky turns between braai, pool and beer fridge, so please excuse me if I don’t supply too much mental stimulation this evening. My head is already sore, pending tomorrow’s Monday morning hangover and I am mildly sunburned.

The new study – which has more fans this this blog – was sparkly and clean, aside from 4 boxes stacked neatly in one corner. Now, 3 of the 4 boxes have gone and their contents have been liberally spread across the room by a combination of my kids and my wife. You’re lucky that I could even find the keyboard amongst the clutter that I never intended this room to experience. Perhaps you don’t see it that way.

Weekends like this tend to leave me short of news and information. I haven’t watched any news, I haven’t looked at much interwebs and I have even missed out on the football. And rugby. And cricket.  I have drunk a whole heap of beer and eaten some really nicely-cooked red meat and nicely-uncooked sushi though. The latter was served to us by a waiter who resembled Father Fintan Stack, but without the drum & bass and the power drill. I mentioned this to him and he told me that if I ever said that to him again, he’d put my head through the wall.

The sushi was good though.

Anyway, I’m off to play catch-up with the Sunday Times and a bit of Sevilla v Real Madrid.

4 thoughts on “Hectique

  1. GaiB > Six of the best. I’m just saying that actually, because I haven’t seen them.
    How on earth did you concede two at home to Blackburn, though?

    P.S. Got your email – must respond – apologies.

  2. “How on earth did you concede two at home to Blackburn, though?”

    To give Sam hope, so I gather, then to dash it. He deserves nothing less!

    They simply shouldn’t have scored so early – they did it before and the result was identical!

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