Heavy task, big ask

It’s been one of those days. Little problems stacking up to make for one big headache:
A loony driver at Koeberg interchange, a rude lady in the parking lot at Canal Walk, experiments not bloody working like they’re supposed to, email issues, poor service from local companies (x3),  the utter, utter disaster that is the “new” M5 south, some “challenging” behaviour from the kids and then finally sitting down to write this blog post and the chair (possibly booby-trapped by my wife?) snapping and sending me left shoulder first into the tiled floor.

It was a full on Nhlanhla Nene moment:

After a day like that, still sitting on the cold, cold floor and with an internet connection which is bordering on the not connected, I trust that you’ll excuse my reluctance to actually produce anything reasonable or worthwhile. Nhlanhla Nene didn’t bother getting up and neither shall I.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Fewer problems. Greater governability.

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