Has Lekota named his new party?

It now seems certain that the ruling party in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) who fought their way to freedom through the appalling Apartheid era, will split. Those members who disagree with the the policies, ethics and behaviour of the ANC leader, Jacob Zuma, and those of his supporters, are setting up a new party under the (apparent) leadership of former ANC chairman and defence minister, Mosiuoa Lekota. Aside from the obvious questions of who and how many would join this new party came the additional issue of what it would be called.
It now seems that the proverbial cat has vacated the proverbial bag following an appearance by Mr Lekota at Orange Farm yesterday:

Lekota’s supporters wore white and yellow T-shirts emblazoned with the former ANC chairperson’s face and the words “South African National Congress”.

I think it shows some wonderful imagination. I feel though, the intricacies may be beyond many people’s vision, so please excuse me if I attempt to explain to those that don’t get it.

To recap, Mosiuoa Lekota was a high-ranking member of a political party called the African National Congress, or ANC for short. What has occurred over the past few weeks in South Africa has led (or rather will lead, allegedly) to the forming a breakaway faction from the ANC. In choosing a name for their new entity, what Mr Lekota and his allies have done is taken the name of their previous party, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and added the word “South” in front of it, thus seemingly choosing their new party’s name to be the South African National Congress.

Do you see? It’s simply genius.
I’ll run through it one more time for those at the back. Instead of the African National Congress, they will be called the South African Nation Congress. Because while the continent is called Africa, the country we are in is called South Africa. Hence South African National Congress. Yes?

Words cannot describe the awesome.

One can only hope that their manifesto is a little more distinctive than their party name.

9 thoughts on “Has Lekota named his new party?

  1. Well it is a brand hijack but let me ask this… if a group splits exactly in half, who gets to keep the name? Bare in mind that the ANC brand is one of the most prolific names in SA politics and some of the people leaving the party have been a part of it for longer than the people currently in charge of the ANC.
    So who hijacked who’s party ?

    I think they had to call it the SANC… the FA was taken already.

  2. I think it is genius. The party is in SA. It just clears up any confusion and gives the party a better sense of…direction. mwaha.

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  3. That’s poor – I mean, pure – genius. Mr. Mandela will be so proud!

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  4. Oh and by the way.. I must tell you how much I LOVE that the text next to the little heart icon, where it says that you, 6000 miles, are not responsible for the content of external internet…

    I’m glad they clarified that as there I was thinking that you wrote the entire content (in all languages) of the Internet!

    Lady Fi´s last blog post was: Guessing game (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  5. Goblin » The initials spell SANC. It only takes a newspaper editor with half a brain (if such a creature exists) to add “without a trace”…

  6. The whole thing is gettign pathetic. Mr Lekota is trying to use marjet research to set uphis party policy. While the idea is new and fresh it is sadly weak. People are not really looking for someone to listen to them, they are looking for someone to make them feel safe. Mr. lekota is the wrong face of any breakaway specifically because he has lost much of his credibility because of the total lack of irony with which he is willing to oppose an organisation that sheltered him for so long. Until this group gives us a credible leader with an attractive platform i fear that they will just be taking up valuable votes and energy that could be invested in efforts to create a truly non-racial, non-sexist country where people feel safe.

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