Hand it over

Despite the doubters, the legal challenges, the alleged shortages of concrete, labour, electricity and armadillos and the political infighting, the Cape Town Stadium is to be handed over to the City today. On schedule.
Compare that with the magnificent Wembley Stadium in London which came in over a year late and you can see that this “third world backwater” CAN actually do things when minds are put to good use.

And it looks magnificent. Not perhaps so much by day, but at night it is simply stunning:

Much like the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, it’s a sight that makes you gasp when you see it. But unlike the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, you can actually see the pitch from the stands. This, I feel, is a huge advantage.
It’s like a UFO has landed on the edge of the CBD; it’s half Pringle chip, half Polo mint. The roof evokes images of Saturn’s rings, the translucent cladding allowing a peek of the excitement within.
And the location, location, location? Sitting just one block back from the ocean, nestling under Signal Hill with views across Table Bay and up to the mountain – it is perfect.

I think I am in love with this stadium. It’s just a shame I have to share it with 67,999 others.

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  1. You know, a couple of months ago I looked at the exterior walls and thought, “Wow, they better finish that up because they’re cutting it a bit close”. Then I was told it was finished. It’s extraordinarily ugly 😛
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  2. I was recently escorted around Table mountain, the first thing that popped into my regal head when I say this stadium… “toilet bowl”

  3. Camilla rather likes the new stadium, it reminds her of a horse’s hoof. Mother didn’t say a word, that is never a good sign and I won’t tell you what father said…

  4. Pamela > At least we have a rugby team that might choose to come and play there.

    HRH > Riiight. I can see why the monarchy is going to pass you by…

    Tara > As always.

  5. I love the stadium, particularly the fact that we actually got it built on time! Not sure how we’re going to keep it running after 2010 though – no way the rugby will move here though – after all, why would you go to renting if you currently own the grounds on which you play?
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  6. Was Wembley also not more than two times as expensive…excluding any inflation…a few years ago!

    I also think we’re R2 billion less than Emirates, also complete a few years ago.

    Some trivia. The stadium was initially as per the contract meant to be handed over end February 2010 but the project was accelerated and as of today is technically being handed over 80 days early.

    The 2010 events calender pre and post FIFA 2010 will be announced in early 2010.

    Delicious images.

    Some more trivia:

    soccer city – 90,000 seats – R3.5 billion – 30 months of construction

    wembley stadium – 90,000 seats – R9.5 billion + (3 years ago!) – 52 months of construction (excl. 2 years of delays)


  7. So, we’re proving the world wrong.

    I deal with a lot of Brits in my job. And there is definitely a colonial hangover with most of them. They seem to have it in their tiny minds that Africa is filled with people of lesser intelligence and ability. It’s engrained bigotry of continental proportions.


    Obviously I’m not talking about you, 6000. You really are more intelligent than all of us. But those other guys?!

  8. ctguy > I’m not sure you can compare monies and stuff. Different economies, different times.
    But thanks for the facts!

    Ad Wiz > Agreed. It’s bred into us from an early age. But I don’t think SA (or anywhere else in Africa, for that matter) always does much to counter that unfortunate stereotypical image. So many people in this country are always looking for the negatives and trying to play the race card at any opportunity. It’s backward behaviour.
    You want to be regarded as a “developed” developing country? Well – act like one then. It’s an engrained negativity of continental proportions.

    Obviously I’m not talking about you, Ad Wizard. You really are more positive than the rest of them. But those other guys?!

  9. And Wembly Stadium was built by an Aussie company (perhaps I shouldn’t brag about thatr one though).

  10. Wiggy > Pretty, isn’t it? Field Mill upgrade, perhaps?

    Po > At night, there is no contest. At all.

    Stan > I know. So no – I wouldn’t mention it.

  11. Looking at ctguy crowing – I’m guessing “minimum wage” hasn’t quite arrived in SA yet? 😛

    Fingers tightly crossed now – Bristol (and yes, Milton Keynes, too ~gasp~) was selected as a host city yesterday, for the In-ger-land 2018 bid. We’ll also be in the process of building a new stadium , although not specifically for that event, but I don’t think Bristol City are going for a 90k seater number!! I shall keep you informed on whether they go polo-mint/pringle-crisp/toilet-bowl in design, although I don’t think they could top the new CT stadium!! 🙂
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  12. HH > Can’t believe Bristol and Plymouth are getting 45,000 seater stadiums? WHY?
    I’m sure they’ll all be pretty special. I like nice new buildings.

  13. Well, dunno about Portsmouth, but Brizzle City aren’t doing too badly in the old Championships League… guess they have their sights set on the Prem. We’ve got to allow them to dream! 😀

    Oh, and we need a decent concert venue – not good having to haul arse to Cardiff/B’ham every time!
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