After this (from The Guru), came this (from The Guru):

Except, apparently The Guru can’t read all that good – it actually starts at 2AM CAT on the 28th.

Which now means that I’m not allowed to post tomorrow (this currently being today, the day before tomorrow), but I can now post today and schedule it for 1am CAT tomorrow (tomorrow (the day when the servers are migrating) being the day after today, (when the servers aren’t migrating anymore)).

Got that?
Right. Yes. Me too. *cough*

Better play it safe with a quota slideshow – the upgraded version of a quota photo – detailing some few highlights of our Summer holidays thus far:

With another couple of weeks of staggered leave for myself and Mrs 6000 (read: lack of childcare), there’s sure to be more, so do pop back soon.

And whatever you do, don’t leave a comment because you’ll break teh interwebs. Unless of course you’re one of those daring sorts who laughs in the face of danger, pokes hazard in the tummy and spanks the bottom of risk. In which case, comment away.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. I’ll be back when I have been successfully migrated.

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