Guess who’s back?

It’s me. That’s who. I’m back.

A whistle-stop trip down to Agulhas to get a few jobs done, including that shed. 22 hours arrival to departure, and 12 of them were without power. It gets cold and dark down there with no electricity (and when you haven’t been arsed to light the braai) and the internet falls over after about an hour of each four hour session. Thankfully, there was a bed and a duvet, of which I made immediate use.

And yet there was still time for a quick walk down to the beach just before sunset yesterday…

…and a pre-sunrise run through the National Park this morning. A lovely experience with the exception of the bit where I tripped in the dunes and got sand right up my charging port.

I’ll have to clean my phone out as well.


I was back in Cape Town in time to pick the boy up from school at 2:30 this afternoon.

I could have done with another day out there, not because there was anything more to do, just because I would have liked to have spent a little more time in the peace and quiet.

But, back now and already back to the grind, sorting out all the stuff here that I didn’t do yesterday.

Tomorrow looks like an equally busy day with three separate evening commitments, of which I can only fulfill a maximum of two. Juggling time.
But loadshedding may – and probably will – force my hand, anyway.

There will still be time for a blog post. Obviously.