Grow your own

Every muscle, every fibre of my being is screaming out in agony. If you listen carefully, you can probably hear them. It’s not as bad as Sicky Dion, but it’s still definitely not a pleasant sound – especially if it’s coming from within you.

The reason for that screaming is the new vegetable patch that I installed chez 6000 this morning. As you can see from the photos below, before work began, the area in question was covered with mutant, cyborg ivy.
Oh yes, it might just look like ordinary ivy to the untrained eye, but having gone in there armed with only a spade and a massive flamethrower, I can assure you there there was something distinctly “otherworldly” about that stuff: for a start, normal earth ivy doesn’t have tungsten roots, does it?

Before, during and after.

And that’s the reason I now sit here with a nice Marlon (for medicinal purposes) and a dread of what fresh pain tomorrow morning will bring. On the up side, we are now growing spinach, beetroot, baby cabbage and… something else which escapes my memory (Eggplant?).

The kids like it, I like it and next door’s cat (a big fan of digging stuff up in our other veggie patch) has already put in an appearance, which I enjoyably curtailed with a handful of gravel.

And then – a little later this evening: this.

9 thoughts on “Grow your own

  1. GaiB > I’ll try to hold onto it, although apparently the ANCYL want it nationalised.

    Michael Meadon > You need to read this, most especially this bit:

    6000 miles… started as a way of keeping in touch with people back in the UK and although it has moved on and evolved from solely being a personal diary, I make no apologies for occasionally writing completely personal stuff on here.
    If you don’t like it – don’t read it. Simple as.

    Incidentally, I have a shelving project planned for next weekend. Watch this space.

  2. @Michael Meadon
    Gosh what a boring comment. I can’t believe I even made it to the end of it. How could you write stuff like that? I nearly fell asleep. Do you sit up imagining these things all night and then come and try and put us to sleep with them during the day? Gosh what a snoozefest. In fact, I don’t think I have ever come across a more boring comment in my life. If I was designing something to put someone to sleep I’d print your comments across this entire blog out and make them read it. There’s a second of my life’s I’ll never get back.

  3. Simon > I’m left wondering about your double life’s. Does Magic Mike know about this… er… “these”?

    MM > Was rather difficult to gauge your exact intentions from the single line of pasted link.
    I trust you’ll therefore forgive my apparent misinterpretation. 😉

  4. No worries at all my good sir. It was more a case of “Oh heh this reminds me of this awesome Onion article” rather than “this 6000 dude is a bore”. The flamethrower strikethrough WAS funny, after all.

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