Greek Letters

More holiday. More wine.

Back onto the Constantia Wine Route, with the intentions of getting to High and Beau, before lunch at Glen. The latter, we achieved by booking a table there a couple of weeks back. The former, we managed by starting there. But, as previously with attempted wine route planning, we failed to make out second port of call simply by enjoying the first place too much, and staying there.

We’ve done it before, back in 2013, just after I’d mashed my ankle. Again – a quick visit to High Constantia for a quick Groupon pairing, led to us staying for several (or more) hours and having to order pizza on the way home. It was a memorable visit for us, and, it seemed, for the staff, who remembered us from almost 3 years ago. I’m aware that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. But they are evidently non-judgmental, being friendly, chatty, knowledgeable and ever patient with us non fundis. Their MCC is magnificent, and there’s always their HUGE Bordeaux blend – Sebastian – to look forward to at the end of the proceedings.

This (purely ornamental) vine also makes shapes like the Greek alphabet. What’s not to like?

The tranquility of High Constantia sets it aside from all the other Constantia vineyards. I’m putting it firmly in my 6000 recommends category. Wander through their working cellar, out onto the stoop and watch the birds in their small garden while you enjoy tasting 7 or more wines for R50. The prices are high (no pun intended), but the wine is genuinely world class. It’s worth treating yourself every two and half years. Or maybe more often, given that the 2007 Sebastian is out any time now and is supposedly incredible.

Then it was up the road for lunch at Constantia Glen – platters, rosé and some Five. Superb, as expected. And then, back to Eagle’s Nest for the kids to run off some frustration and play in the stream there. After last time (when this got me into trouble with them), I let Mrs 6000 do the talking, and I also sat out on the tasting. It was a world away from the near silence of High Constantia and the elegant Constantia Glen, but they’re certainly not struggling for business.

More photos have been dropped into this set on Flickr, and it looks like tomorrow, when we’re… er… visiting another wine region, there may be even more.
I’m sure you, just like me, can hardly contain your excitement.

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