Great song…

Drab boy, Dark boy, Dooting on angel boy,
In the doorway boy, she was a lipstick boy,
She was a beautiful boy and tears boy,
And all in your inner space boy.

You had handgirls boy and steals boy,
You had chemicals boy I’ve grown so close to you,
Boy and you just crone boy she says come on, come on,
Cos she smiles at you boy.

Never really understood the words, but you don’t have to understand the words for it to be a great song.
Look at The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Return to Innocence by Enigma or Aqua’s Barbie Girl.

Shouting lager, lager, lager, lager, lager….
Mega, mega white thing…
etc etc.

My god, I’m tired.

9 thoughts on “Great song…

  1. Rob I > And slept. But still don’t feel ever so refreshed. That might be the red wine I was drinking though.
    And I’ve still got that song running around my head.

  2. If you had drunk lager lager then maybe you would feel more refreshed.

    I wonder if that “mega mega white thing” is going to be me when I have to wear a swimming costume on holiday next month? What a terrible visual.

    Am looking at Barbie Girl. And looking. Still not seeing it.

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  3. Bored at work today, so I looked it up on Wiki. Originally meant as a joke, and meant to sound like an “alcoholic’s internal dialogue”. I’ll have a couple of beers tonight and see if it makes more sense.

  4. Stan > As a scientist, I truly appreciate the efforts you’re going to to test their hypothesis. Great work. Please publish your results here asap.

  5. Don’t know if it worked last night, can’t remember too much after the 6th beer. Went to bed with the room spinning and “shouts of lager, lager” ringing in my ears. The wife is not too pleased with me this morning, and I am feeling a bit pale. It will be a loooong boring day at work.

    Will try again tonight, will substitue wine for the beer and perhaps get a better result.

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