Grand Designs

I’m a huge fan of the Grand Designs show. The only thing stopping me from building my own architect-designed, avant-garde, leftfield, off-the-wall, out-of-the-box, modern eco-home from innovative materials and using a new twist on traditional building techniques, is money.
Well, that and having seen the crap that people on Grand Designs have to go through.

Kevin McCloud and his knowledgeable, laid-back approach are the cornerstones of the programme, and it’s him that keeps me watching even though sometimes the individuals featured can be a little… dare I say it… pretentious.

Now though come two excellent Grand Designs parody accounts on twitter. Parody accounts can be a bit hit or miss, but these ones are sharp, clever and right on point. If you’re a fan of Kevin and Grand Designs you’ll love them.

Firstly, @KevinMsays which pokes fun at his intro and outro monologues on each show:


and then @grand_designz, which concentrates on the builders themselves, with ever more improbable Guardianista names, bizarre upper-class careers and plans for their dream home:

It’s funny because it’s dangerously accurate.

Loads more enjoyment to be had on those two accounts. Go and have fun.

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