I’ve watched the Cape Town stadium grow from nothing to the stunning landmark it is today. And with the excitement building in Cape Town, this amazing collection of timelapse videos from African Renaissance Productions gives me goosebumps.

The rusty goalpost shot early in the video is from the Greek Club where The Firm AFC used to play (when it was dry enough). It’s incredible how much has been achieved since then. And now we’re less than 100 hours away from kick off the France v Uruguay game.

Ke nako – it’s time.

EDIT: Ha! Just noticed that the countdown clock in my side bar has obviously fallen foul of the FIFA lawyers – “3 days and 4 hours until Football Cup”.
“Football Cup”? Ivo Vegter’s going to love that!

3 thoughts on “Goosebumps

  1. That’s a lovely video actually – makes me wish we had a stadium as well. It would also be cool to see a video from the perspective of the stadium from start to finish but I’m guessing that would have been impractical.

    I’m half surprised your counter hasn’t just changed to “until soccer games”.

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