Goodbye internet

Another Daily Mail exclusive (remember this?).

December 5th 2000:

Yep. The problem with writing bullshit is that when the bullshit that you’ve written turns out to be bullshit, people can go back and read it, and see just how wrong you were.

And lets face it, this one was spectacularly incorrect.

Using the… er… internet, I discovered that James Chapman now heads up a PR Agency (motto: “Build. Protect. Repair.”) in Westminster (of course he does), alongside James Henderson, who used to be CEO of Bell Pottinger until 2017.

As you will read:

Until September 2017, James was the CEO of Bell Pottinger, where he developed the agency into an integrated multi discipline communications business offering financial, corporate, litigation, crisis, regulatory, political, brand, digital, and personal reputation advice.

In 2016, Bell Pottinger had revenues of £35 million, 8 offices globally and over 250 employees.

And in September 2017, Bell Pottinger went bankrupt.
This after years of dodgy dealings, aiding state capture activities and stoking racial hatred in South Africa.

Surprisingly, his fawning blurb seems to have omitted this last bit. Weird.