Good People, For You

I watched a film last night. Regular readers will be aware that this is somewhat of an unusual occurrence, so it probably deserves a mention here. The flick in question was called Good People and scored a massive 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. And I can understand why: it was a bit shoddy, wholly implausible from start to finish and rather (very) predictable. But, that said, it was quite fun if you overlooked the nonsense and there was Kate Hudson, so it wasn’t all bad. What definitely deserves a mention is the theme music of said film, and so I’m doing that too:

I’m getting whiffs of Shirley Bassey, Amy Whitehouse and a thick layer of Bond Theme on the palate. Serena Ryder is a 32 year old Canadian singer who I had never heard of, but that’s quite a voice right there. I’ll be exploring a bit more in the coming weeks. Incidentally, the only other music mentioned in the credits was:

Excerpt from ‘Mansquito’ Written by Joseph Conlan and Sophia Morizet Published by Brevity Music, Inc.; Asymptotote Music BV, Inc.

and was dark and brooding in a very David Arnoldesque way. Upon further googling, ‘Mansquito’ appears to be a 2005 TV Movie with the following plot synopsis:

While trying to find a cure for the West Nile virus, a scientist turns herself and her subject into mutant insects.

Which sounds only slightly less believable than Good People. Film: 5/10 (for the lolz) Theme music: A strong 8½/10 (dem lungs)

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