Gone fishin’

That’s actually another big fat 6000 miles… lie. I haven’t.
But I did see some blokes who had.

We popped out to Gordons Bay – the current stamping ground of 6000 miles… regular Gordon (as in Bay) for child-induced chaos at the Spur, followed by an invigorating walk along the beach.
The weather was peachy, the scenery was stunning and the company was great.
All in all a lovely afternoon then.

Photos are on flickr (where else would I put them?).

Tomorrow: Valentine’s Day. I’m not worried – I can do romantic, me.

2 thoughts on “Gone fishin’

  1. Craig > Fair point, but if I may just counter with two of my own?
    1. “Invigorating” is relative. Anything can be invigorating after a double bacon, cheese and guacamole Spur burger, and
    2. You’re looking at Gordon’s Bay main beach as a simple “there and back” affair, whereas my kids turned the stroll into a “here, there and everywhere” affair.

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