18 thoughts on “Going green

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s hysterical. This Ad Wizard friend of yours has a real eye for humour. LOL! LMAO! ROTFL!

  2. Bridget – You know it could happen.

    Granville – You know it could happen.

    D’Arche – That’s true.

    Koosh – No rant about him having free power while there’s loadshedding on? 🙂

  3. Naah, this is ingenius. Although, the thought does occur to me that surely there must be better things to spend money on than a television. Whatever floats their boat though.

  4. That’s why you steal things like those and save the money for things like dstv. You don’t want to get nailed stealing that signal.

  5. “Aah”, the technician should have said, “I see your problem, Sir. You need to upgrade to the Mark II and then your set will work with both RED and GREEN lights, with a short ad break for AMBER. But coming out next spring, the Mark III allows you to skip the AMBER ad breaks with the patented FAST FORWARD remote button feature.”

  6. Richard – The PVR version of stolen electricity. I like it.

    Fleet – Welcome back. 🙂
    Ironically, we actually do live right next to a set of lights. You should see the disco effect I’ve created by wiring us up to the flashing amber…

  7. Drew – Thanks – happy to help you waste your time.

    FoW – Yes, you are. Keep reading – SA’s marvels never end.

    globus – well spotted.

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