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Just a quick heads up. I’ve been to Barristers three times already this year, for one reason and another. And then another. But I’ve been more than happy to go back again and again. That’s because their food and service have been nothing short of excellent each and every time I’ve visited.

I would have to take the bold step and say that their steaks are currently the best I’ve ever tasted. And if you’ve eaten steak in South Africa, you’ll know that that’s a fairly impressive claim. Add to that a huge array of beers on tap and a huge wine list and suddenly, I’m wondering why I ever went anywhere else.

Barristers hit a bit of a low a few years back, but it’s come through and the change in management and a careful, but noticeable adjustment to the restaurant and decor has made all the difference.
It’s now my first choice for beer, steak and beer. Give it a go.

Barristers website.
Barristers operates the EntertainerZA scheme.
Steaks are half-price on Monday. Unbelievable value.

This is not a sponsored post.

4 thoughts on “Go to Barristers

  1. Cracking pub lunch specials as well.
    Nearly as good as the R30 lunch specials at the Royal Oak. 😉

  2. Pah! It’s easy to get to the Poke. Train to town. MyCiti to the doorstep, and no worries about drinking & driving. Result!

    Pub Quiz tonight as well..:)

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