With everything in place for our trip to the UK next month, the time between now and the holiday is dragging. And, after an unpleasant day at the football yesterday and a pleasant evening drowning sorrows and celebrating a birthday, today is dragging a little too, as is my head.

A quota photo is required and this one fits the bill just perfectly.

Something, somewhere is telling me that I’ve used this as a QP before, but I’m so tired and “jaded”, that I really can’t recall or indeed be arsed to recall.

This picture, as with life at the moment, is probably better in the dark.

One thought on “Gloomy

  1. Ahh yes that gloomy feeling when Huddersfield beat you on penalties. I remember it well. Mainly cos Liam Lawrence the goon tried to flick on into the top corner and missed. Welcome to the “Beaten in the play-offs on penalties to Huddersfield” gang mate. It’s not a nice place to be

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