Getting there…

It’s been a lazy start to the day down at the Southern Tip. No point in getting up if it’s cloudy and miserable out, and no prospect of coffee because of the lack of electricity.

Still, once we were up and about, we got a lot of the admin stuff we needed to get sorted out of the way, leaving the rest of the weekend (relatively) free for other activities.
My back continues to improve. Sitting is still painful, but yesterday’s 4 hour journey seemingly had no detrimental effect aside from to my mood. And the football results helped remedy that nicely anyway.

Fortuitous timetabling means that loadshedding won’t affect us down here again for the rest of the weekend, and suddenly, everything is looking good. Even the sun has finally come out, bathing the village in afternoon light and the hope of a pleasant evening in front of the braai.

On that note, there’s a delicious looking picanha steak to pop over the coals tonight, which I’m really looking forward to.

(Not actual footage)

Oh, and I know that I promised photos, but I haven’t taken any yet. Sorry.