Get Better Service

David Clarke has written a column on how to get better service at restaurants.

A couple of points spring to mind here: Firstly, that what he tells us is not rocket science. Secondly, that the list involves a combination of basic good manners and common sense, and we shouldn’t really need to be told. That said, the way that society generally behaves these days (i.e. with a distinct lack of basic good manners and common sense), maybe it’s a good thing that he’s documented these suggestions.

Here’s an example:

Be polite. The service staff are not your servants.
Service staff, just like everybody else, do not like being treated rudely – but unlike everyone else, they cannot really do much about it. Except ignore you. You are far more likely to receive better service if you are courteous to your waiter or waitress. Using words like “Please” and “Thank You” do not cost you anything – use them. Problems in restaurants get solved much quicker for people who are rational and polite.

See what I mean? Other headings include the dangerously subversive: Be on time and the frankly outlandish If you get drunk, realise you are probably annoying those around you.

Go and have a look and see if you have ever been guilty of being rude and stupid not following his simple steps.

I’m going to stop short of saying that you deserve a poor dining experience if you don’t follow his advice (although…), but I’d love to know if people posting nasty reviews of restaurants and dining establishments (Hi Chris!) have been good customers or if they’ve been unnecessarily difficult and earned the wrath of the restaurant staff.

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