If all is well, I will be on a plane to George when this post pops up onto the interwebs. Such is the magic of WordPress.

I say “if all is well”, but I have grave doubts that all will be well. I’m writing this with exactly 12 hours to go before take off; my son has bronchitis, my wife has bronchitis and in a foolish act of solidarity, little K-pu is displaying the first signs of bronchitis.
It does not bode well. In fact since I just took up a Med-Lemon to my ailing wife, it’s boding a whole lot worse as she just told me how much the flights cost. Now I too feel slightly sick, which explains the medicinal brandies I’m just poured myself.

Anyway, given that I expect to have almost exactly no sleep tonight, I’m going to leave it at that for now.

If we do make it to George, I am going to make a special effort to meet the mayor, Phillipus Hendrik “Flip” de Swardt.
I will tell him that he has a great name. Then I will ask him if he has any decent brandy.

Tomorrow’s post is all about maps. I know that because I wrote it 10 minutes ago.

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  1. Ah my old stomping ground. Try not too speak the rooinek taal too loudly when in the dros or keg. If the Carousel is still open go have a triple klippes & coke (no ice) & enjoy the windsurfing.. lol

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