GeoGuessr will ruin your day (but in a nice way)

It wasn’t so long ago that we told you about Pointless Pointing. And yes, that kept us amused for a short while, but it was ultimately pointless, as the name suggested, and we here at 6000 Towers wanted a bit more of a challenge.

Step forward GeoGuessr.

Armed only with a random Google Streetview shot (and some are far more useful than others), you are tasked with choosing where on the planet the image is from and you score points based on how close your guess is.
On occasion, you might get lucky by spotting a flag or a roadsign; others you may have to work out using clues from architecture, vegetation or road markings.


I guessed at Oklahoma for this one, but it was “just down the road” in Texas. Good effort though.

So far, I’ve been as far afield as Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, Brazil and Finland (in just 2 tries) and my current best score is 11,318 – now 14,781.

So go and have a Geoguess: because you probably had no plans for the rest of the day anyway.

EDIT: This:

from xkcd hits the mark perfectly.

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