Gareth Bale broke my Excel

Almost, anyway.
These numbers are very, very big:

Gareth Bale’s reported salary at Real Madrid, converted into ZAR:

per year: R248,820,000 (= 1 Nkandla)
per month: R19,140,000
per week: R4,785,000
per day: R683,569
per hour: R32,538
per minute: R542
per second: R9.03

What people are forgetting is that this is all pre-tax. The poor boy is actually really going to struggle.

Source: UK newspapers, exchange rate at £1 = R15.95, as per Google this morning.

4 thoughts on “Gareth Bale broke my Excel

  1. I’m sure he can chat to his new mate Chrissy and arrange for some financial assistance…

    They will, of course, be clear front runners for the Olympic synchronised diving team, now that they’ll be together for practices.

  2. gmross > Gotta say, I’m a convert. No comment on Bale, but Ronaldo has really cleaned up his act in last couple of years,

  3. In other transfer news, with Bale probably able to pay the full transfer fee in the time it takes to read this reply, Sheffield United sign some unknown Belgian…Florent Cuvelier…on a three year deal from Stoke.

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