“Fun” “Run”

I’m getting up at 0530 on the last day of my summer holiday to do a Fun Run tomorrow. It’s just 5km and it seems very poorly organised, but – thanks to the handy addition of some residing grandparents – it’s one of the very few chances that myself and Mrs 6k get to run together, so it has to be done.

On the upside, it will also give our resident mosquitoes less opportunity to feast upon me. On the downside, I’ve been using that lack of available blood as a fairly believable excuse for some poor average times lately.

So yes, it seems annoying to get up so early for such a short run, but at least we’ll be done before it gets ridiculously hot. We braved the Waterfront earlier and were amazed at the number of roasted tourists. It’s been a very warm December. Thankfully, there are still 13 weeks for it to cool down before the Two Oceans.

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