Freezer Disaster

Any plans for a restful evening after the drive back from Agulhas were swiftly scuppered when we discovered that the freezer had decided to go all Cosatu on us and embark on an unprotected strike. Probably a PCB issue, I’m guessing, but that doesn’t help much right now.

Everything was still cold, but (critically) thawed. Safe then, if you are ready to eat it now. Either cook it tonight or chuck it away.

We cooked it tonight.

Having just had a meat delivery from our Karoo slaghuis (careful now)*, there was a lot to cook. The neighbours helped us out by taking a lot of very decent meat, and then we went through boerewors, steaks, chicken, lamb, burgers. Loads of the buggers.

The beagle assisted by devouring whatever it could. Thanks for that. And then those emergency kids meals: chicken burgers, fish nuggets, fish fingers. Our (amazing) nanny was happy to hear that half her street is going to eat on us tomorrow evening.

Veggies and chips will go to people at the robots. Mrs 6000’s PJ Pops will be drunk by her. Waste not, want not.

I had high hopes for a decent blog post with some pretty pictures from the weekend.

Maybe tomorrow.

* it’s a butchery. He’s good. Details on request.

4 thoughts on “Freezer Disaster

  1. Ami Kapilevich > I would have called today, but the steaks were too high.
    Seriously, puns aside – it’s MINGING now.

  2. In that case I have no bone to pick with you. Because the only thing you can do to dispose of rotten meat is to bury it.

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