Free Music

Regular readers may recall a post towards the end of last year celebrating the news of a new Apparatjik album to be released early in 2012.

The good news is that the latest versions (draft 6) of the album tracks are now available for listenage and downloading on Facebook. It’s still got that 80’s electronica feel, with a touch of house and a hint of Röyksopp. And yes – you can hear the influence of Guy from Coldplay and and Jonas from Mew. Less so Magne, but it’s still great listening.

If you only have time for one song, I’d recommend Aretïve (the piano remix of Sequential) for those who want to get a quick feel (ooer!) of the sound.

But – these “auditory documentings” aren’t going to be around forever – get there now, download and enjoy.

You’re welcome.

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