Frank and Tony’s BUNVENT calendar

Sheffield artist Pete McKee is counting down to Christmas by having two of his favourite characters, Frank and Tony, passing comment on different patisserie products each day. Some of the cartoons are a little niche and will mean more to folk from Sheffield and t’surrounds, but others will appeal to all.

Here are a few examples:

03    04   05    07
Full marks for the accurate points on Parkin, but he’s clearly completely wrong on delicious Battenberg. Follow the series and see more of Frank and Tony’s contentious cake-based opinion on Pete’s twitter.

We’re lucky enough to have one of his prints (complete with Frank) from his The Joy Of Sheff on the wall in Agulhas. Surely the most Southerly McKee in Africa?
It’s this one, called A Perfect Day:


“Take a picnic with the one you love. Climb to the top of one of the seven hills and look over the city in all its sun-drenched glory.”

Pickled onions, a pork pie, a bottle of Wards Bitter, Pulp on the record player, the woman you love – oh, and a view of that city.
Perfect indeed.

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