Forty… Forty-five…

Those who listen to the Gareth Cliff Breakfast show on 5FM each morning will surely have heard the “forty… forty-five” meme which seems to somehow slip into the show in some form or other.
What you may not know is where it came from originally, which is here:

Series 2 of the Harry & Paul show.

I suppose that there comes a time in all of our lives when we have to take account of our age, Sheridan. When one has to say goodbye to the Matterhorn and hello to the Peak District.


And if you liked this, you may will also like the Nelson Mandela iPhone sketch from the same show.
Although I think it’s unlikely that this clip will be quite as well received over here in SA.

6 thoughts on “Forty… Forty-five…

  1. Geoffrey > *sigh* It’s never funny when you have to explain it, but everything on the GC show seems to end up with 40…45… like in the sketch.
    Cricket scores, temperatures, ages, speed of a car… whatever.
    Funny when you hear it.

  2. Kelvin Alston > Oh, stop being silly. We credited the source from the beginning. I’ve uploaded the vid twice on Gareth’s page and we refer to it often. Who wouldn’t want to credit these okes? They’re le… wait for it… gendary.

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