For next summer…

I’m already planning how I can get a FloWave into my back garden ready for use next summer.

“What’s A FloWave?” I hear you ask (I have an acute sense of listenage).
Here’s all you need to know:

Conceived for cutting edge academic research into wave and tidal current interactions, the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility is also an amazing tool for commercial developers to ensure their technologies and projects perform ‘right first time’ and are de-risked as much as practical before cutting steel or going offshore.

So why do I need one in my back garden? Because, well – look at it – JUST LOOK AT IT!

Yes, it starts slowly, but how good is that single spout (aka a “Concentric Wave Singularity”) going to look in the Cape Town sun? And how big, as well? There’s not much in that video to give a sense of scale to the FloWave, but given that the diameter of that pool is 82 feet (25 metres), that water spike must be somewhere around 15 metres in height. Imagine the freefall.

So yes, I’m going to need a new, bigger back garden (or I suppose I could just remove a bit of house?), but it’s got to be worth it. I’m off to find a tape measure and a loan company.

Longer demonstration video here, and some technical stuff here.

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