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Too few people follow Rochdale FC. Considering that they are over 100 years old and have a very cool stadium name: Spotland, they deserve more fans. But really who is going to take the plunge and support a football team if they don’t know exactly what it’s like watching one of their matches away from home?

No-one wants that sort of uncertainty.

Step forward, your number one portal to all things rochdaleawayday and the brainchild of tazzydjr (Marky D):

Bio: I’m aiming to be an up and coming Football Photographer, I own my own Digital Camera which i will be using in most of my blog’s, I’m learning new things everyday look forward to all feedback

Within just a few lines of Marky D’s Chesterfield review, I was hooked:

I got picked up at 12PM the journey were relaxing felt strange going by car to an away match, but it were nice about talking about Rochdale on the Journey with fellow Rochdale Fan’s, We arrived at 1.40PM, went to the Ground to get ticket’s so we wasn’t queuing for them. Then walked for an good five minutes to the nearest pub which were Derby Tup, This pub wasn’t cheap i got an Guinness which came to £3.50 then beore we went got an Half an Guinness which came to £1.70,

Superb. Although drinks be expensive, yo.

What follows is a detailed breakdown of Marky D’s day in Chesterfield, a game which the ‘Dale lost 1-2. It’s difficult reading, but not because of the heartbreaking result.

We go again though, and his pièce de résistance is surely the trip to Newport at the end of last season. Yes, there’s footy to be watched – quality footy at that, but first…

I had breakfast and coffee then left Rochdale Train Station at 8.17AM arrived at Manchester Victoria for 8.37AM then walked up to Manchester Piccadilly on the way then found out which platform my train would be on then popped into Sports Direct at 8.45AM to get some Pink Pants there were one problem they were too big then i got 9.30AM train Direct into Newport. I had lunch at 11.10AM. I arrived at 12.35PM, we were counting down the hours and had a laugh. Then got a Taxi went to find Spytty Park a.k.a Newport Stadium which is Newport County’s last stadium and the new home of Llanwern Association Football Club at 1PM.

It’s detailed, I’ll give him that. I wonder if he makes notes to help with remembering all those times?

And the photography, presumably taken with his own Digital Camera gives a pictorial description to the whole thing, in case (for some reason) you are struggling with the word bits.


I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here, but suddenly the pink pants are in there. They do look a bit big though. Also confused about the Southampton scarves, given that this was Newport v Rochdale. And finally, maybe pointing the camera slightly more to the right might have helped. But what do I know?


In fact, they all do. So go and have a look at his website cos it were an good read  thenmaybe you want  donate toward his next Half an Guinness,

Thanks Stu

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  1. Brian Micklethwait > You’re not the only one to have pointed out the Guinness anomaly. You are, however, the only one to have made the Martin Amis comparison – hahahaha! 🙂

  2. It’s easy to laugh about all those train times, but have you ever read a more vivid bit of prose about the amount of trouble (to say nothing of expense) that away fans go to to support their football teams? The only time I do anything like this is when I go to a wedding in some godforsaken place hundreds of miles out of London, which is about once every few years. And the principle is exactly the same. I am there to support, and all this travel hell is a way to say that I care. This guy’s writing is funny, for all of us who know our as from our ans, but it is also very eloquent.

  3. Brian Micklethwait > I do agree – the detail is near infinite, if you can stand the grammar and spelling errors. But for many football fans -“true fans” – that’s life. Every weekend and many midweek matches too. The dedication is admirable, the costs astronomical.

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