Fly the flag – could do better

The Fly the Flag campaign is another event to mark an important day in the countdown towards the World Cup.

There are just 100 days to go before the tournament starts on June 11th and South African Tourism is asking people to get excited about it. And why not? Although, I do have a problem with enforced enthusiasm: the MC-generated Mexican Wave at the Cape Town rugby festival being a case in point. And the fact that schools in SA practice their cheering in the week leading up to a big Saturday rugby match.
Rugby again. Hmm.

Anyway, I think this is a nice idea and I wanted to support it with a post on here a couple of weeks back. But South African Tourism hadn’t got things together and there was nothing on the website address that their radio ads were punting. In fact their 2010 site still doesn’t have a link to the FTF page, a whole day before things kick off, so to speak. But then, maybe that’s a good thing, because the FTF page has all the hallmarks of a rush job:

Mark 100 days to the biggest kickoff on African soil.  Support National Fly The Flag Day on March the 2nd. Put everything on hold at midday. Wear you Bafana jerseys and gather around in public places to sing the National Anthem and wave your Mzansi flag.

The 2nd of March will mark 100 days before the much-awaited 2010 FIFA World Cup officially kicks off.  Come midday on March the 2nd, let’s all down tools for a moment, gather at public places in our Bafana colours to sing the National Anthem and fly the Mzansi flag high in celebration of National Fly The Flag Day.

When the clock strikes midday on March the 2nd, it’s time for National Fly The Flag Day. Drop everything you’re doing, gather around at public places in your Bafana jerseys. Sing the National Anthem and wave your Mzansi flags to mark 100 days to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

That’s 4 March the 2nd’s, 3 Mzanzi flag’s and 3 gather around in public places‘s in 9 sentences. And not much else.

What could have been a great celebration is only now beginning to catch on and frankly it’s no surprise, when even the organisers’ organisation looks pretty rubbish.

Still, I’ll be there making the effort with suitable attire and with my (English) flag flying on the car.

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