Floating zebra alert

Every so often, we go serious on 6000 miles… and we document something in the public interest.
This is one of those days.

Please, please be aware of the dangers of floating zebras. This young lady was fortunate that she was over water when she realised that she was soaring away attached to a floating zebra. Luckily, she was also wearing suitable attire for her escape from this terrifying ordeal.

Hopefully, she had a safe landing.

Recent research by the University of Birmingham suggested that each year, worldwide, up to 48 people are carried away by floating zebras.

These people are never seen again. Never.
And all because they foolishly chose to become involved with a drifting equid.


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3 thoughts on “Floating zebra alert

  1. You do us all a great public service.

    As a result of which I will remember to avoid zebras with only two legs – they are clearly the dangerous ones.

    I will nevertheless take necessary precautions and dress similarly to that victim at all times, just in case…..

  2. Daai is ‘n zebra-meisie — as ek haar sien dan wil ek haar streep.

    (Now Mrs 6000 explain THAT to him!)

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