Flight tracking

My Mum and Dad are currently en route to Cape Town, via Amsterdam. I thought I’d use FlightRadar24 to follow their flight from Manchester to Schiphol. Here’s the situation over Europe right now. And yes, each of those yellow plan icons represents… er… a plane:


Hmm. They’re in there somewhere.

In other news, I’ve rediscovered my complete respect for Air Traffic Controllers and their systems. Wow.

6 thoughts on “Flight tracking

  1. To be fair, those would be seriously big planes if they truly were that size. Would take all of France for them to take off or land!

  2. Who would have believed that Romania had an airport and air traffic.
    Somewhere on the internet is an animated version over about a twelve hour period showing the transAtlantic (USA-Europe) routes and the trans USA traffic.
    you must see it, mind boggling,

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