Flickr: Three Months Free

If, like me, you enjoy a bit of Flickr every now and again (here’s mine, now show me yours), you’ll be delighted with the news that Pro members will get three months free.

Normally a Pro subscription to Flickr will run you $25 for a year, but until January 4th, you can get your start for free. Existing pro-users won’t get left out in the cold either; their next payment date will be pushed back three months automatically. How nice.

This excellent deal is widely believed to be an effort to mop up the Instagram users who have defected from their natural hipster home because of the much publicised (and much over-exaggerated) new T&C’s. Those new terms don’t bother me, but I’ll happily take the extra three months free, thank you very much.

The Flickr app for Android is rather similar to the Instagram one, which makes this a good deal for those who are a little disgruntled with the latter. However, for me, the photo filters and options available on either of those apps are dwarfed by Vignette, which I have been enjoying for a few years now and which gets better and better. Give it a go by clicking here (QR code) – although you’ll still need a photo sharing program (like Flickr, maybe?), you’ll have better photos to share.

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