Five Useful Moving Tips From Stuttaford Van Lines

This arrived on my Facebook stream as a “suggested post” and having read it, I thought I’d share it with you just in case you were planning on moving any time soon and were looking for professional movers (Stuttaford Van Lines).

Here’s the screenshot:


and here’s a link to the full post on their Facebook page.

Finally, here are those tips:

Moving your precious belongings need not to be a Hassle.
Five Useful Moving Tips.

1. Count all the furniture to be moved, and let the professional movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) know about the number of valuable goods.

All too often, moving my precious belongings is a Hassle, so you can see why I was looking forward to reading more about how it need not be a Hassle. And, aside from an unnecessary comma, this first tip makes good sense. (Unless you’re using a professional mover other than Stuttaford Van Lines, of course. Then there would be very limited use in letting Stuttaford Van Lines know about the numbers of anything to do with your furniture.)

2. Paper work and all other furniture insurance work should be done consciously, discuss their rate of service and all the additional charges.

100% on this one as well. Attempting paperwork and all other furniture insurance work unconsciously is a recipe for disaster. It just never seems to get done. So yes, conscious work only please!

3. Labeling all the packed cartons organizes your moving. Do all home-related work prior to calling, furniture movers.

I hope you’re listening, furniture movers, because this tip is directed at you. In addition, I hope that before calling, you ensure that you have done all the home-related work. This is a basic requirement of furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines).

4. Furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) are experienced people, your relocation area is near by or far, all your furniture should be insured.

I think we can see from this tip that furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) are experienced people. And that’s an important consideration. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that they have then apparently just flung random sentence fragments and punctuation at the rest of this tip, which is hardly the mark of experienced people.
No, experienced people write in full sentences which actually make sense when one reads them.
This dichotomy leaves me hugely confused, but at least I am comforted by the fact that all my furniture should be insured by experienced people.

5. Ask about the safest route and ask if their can take the route which is less accident prone and make sure there are no bushes on the path.

Accident prone routes are the bane of my life. Only the other day, I saw a route which had just had an accident and according to bystanders and witnesses to that route’s accident, it was that route’s third accident this month. Talk about an accident prone route.
That’s why I always ask my furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) if their can take the route which is less accident prone. Thankfully, my furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) are experienced people and their can always make a plan to take a less accident prone route.

And then finally, slipped in at the end like an afterthought, like it’s almost inconsequential, the whole “no bushes on the path” thing. Less experienced people might get a bit hysterical over this. For example, I’m a less experienced person and I’d be all, like:


But no, my furniture movers (Stuttaford Van Lines) are calm and collected. Yes, it’s hugely important to make sure that there are no bushes on the path, but they just take it in their stride – as one surely would after taking a route which is less accident prone.
This is the sort of benefit that experience can bring, like knowing to do your paperwork and all other furniture insurance work while you’re actually conscious.

I find it amazing that in one short Facebook post, included within just Five Useful Moving Tips, so much useful information can be imparted. Wow!
I know for sure that next time I want to move, Hassle free, I’ll be contacting professional movers (Stuttaford Van Lines).

Disclosure: This was in no way a sponsored post for professional movers (Stuttaford Van Lines).

3 thoughts on “Five Useful Moving Tips From Stuttaford Van Lines

  1. While those are immensely useful tips, I can’t believe they think that will get them more business than just saying “with every move, we give you a KFC voucher for R200”

  2. Full-blown stomach-clutching, eye-watering hilarity! Again: these are my favourite posts and this was the funniest.

  3. ” Labeling all the packed cartons organizes your moving.”

    It also alerts criminal elements in the removal firm as to what is worth stealing. Like my 14 inch TV the description of which was no doubt written on the box.

    “You should check off all the boxes as they are carried through the front door, surely…”

    Yeah, right.

    Got some compensation though.

    Don’t miss the TV either!!!!

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