Fitness Update

I’d just like you to know the latest on my new “Eat sensibly, Exercise a bit more” Fitness Plan:

So far, I have lost 5.2kg in 2 weeks, I’m constantly hungry and I ache all over. My ankle is particularly vociferous; its plaintive cries ringing out each and every time any sustained effort is required from my right foot.

Still, I am noticably thinner and noticeably fitter already. Hello, ladies!

So, since it worked for me and since you really don’t need scientific evidence to release a “revolutionary” “new” diet plan these days, I’m busy writing a book which I will sell by the million and annoy medical professionals the world over.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Update

  1. I think pizza is sensible. There’s quite a bit of cheese but the other ingredients are okay, and baked in an oven rather than fried. Nothing wrong with pizza.

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