Fit by jogging

Discovery have just sent me a “Spotify Wrapped” type thing for my exercise last year.
I did quite a lot of exercise last year.

That’s nearly one workout every day. And sure, some probably weren’t exhaustingly hectic, but then again some definitely were. And even the ones that weren’t too much of a struggle required more effort than sitting on the couch.

I did enough kms to get from SA to Ghana, but mysteriously, I never went to Ghana. [X-Files Music]

I don’t think that this number involves driving or flying. I think that this number is walking and running (I don’t do cycling).

I hit my weekly exercise goal on 43 occasions. That puts me in the top 5% of active Discovery members.
Which seems a bit much. Surely we can all do collectively better this year.

My most active month was June: probably because I enjoy exercising in the cold weather, and I did a lot of walking around Ireland and the UK.

Apparently, I really didn’t do much in September, given that I did more in November, when I was down with Covid. Again.

Not much to add. I’ve hit all my goals so far this year.
Apparently, across South Africa last year, January 17th was the most active day. Which just shows how long those New Years Resolutions last. October 28th was the least active.

Today is January 19th. And I’m still going.