Fishhoek view

Wow. Some party. Drunkenness, loud music, wigs galore.
And this view across Fishhoek bay when you took a little time out in the cool evening air.

There are other photos, of course, most (if not all) of which will mean more to those present on Saturday night. Don’t you hate the way that flash photography makes it look like there’s absolutely no atmosphere? There was plenty. I didn’t even realise that the dance floor was concrete until I looked at the photos. No wonder my feet hurt.
But anyway, you’re more than welcome to go and have a quick look and see if you recognise anyone. This being Cape Town ‘n all. [note: I was going to put a link to my “Cape Town is a very small world” post here, but I cannot find that post, despite searching for all the seemingly relevant terms. Hint: There’s very little point using the words “Cape Town” to search for anything on this blog.]
Scratch that – found it!

Bed at 2, kids awake at 5:45, spend day in soporific stupor (yes, even more so than usual).

Such is the life of a partying parent…

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