Ah. I miss the UK on November 5th. Specifically the fireworks. Yes, they do them here, but for all the mocking of “The Nanny State” on “Mud Island”, the rules here around fireworks are far tighter than in the UK. And, surprisingly for SA, they are generally pretty well observed.

The Isle of Man, of course, is not in the UK, but they still do fireworks and here’s Douglas Bay on Saturday night courtesy of Flickr user cabmanstu:


Many thanks to Stuart for permission to use the photo.

As ever, twitter is divided over the fireworks here. Some don’t see the need, many are enjoying them and then there are the local dog owners whose animals keep us awake each and every sodding night, but who object to people making noise for a couple of hours on one evening a year.

I hesitate to use the word “killjoys”, but only briefly.

4 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. RichardAtUCT > It’s such a fuss over nothing. It’s not like people didn’t know that Nov 5th was going to happen when they chose to buy dogs. An excuse to whine and moan. Pathetic.

  2. Here in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire November 5th was the quietest night of the weekend. I can only presume that those who are that way inclined must have used all their ammunition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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