8 thoughts on “Fireworks Night Tips

  1. Veronica > **BLAST FROM THE PAST KLAXON!**

    Is your hatred because you were actually hoping that the protestant King James would be assassinated in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, and the catholic Royal lineage re-established through the artificial ascension of his daughter, Elizabeth, and the day still holds very negative emotions for you because the plot was thwarted?

    PS Hello.

  2. lol, It annoys me that pet owners get so bitchy about fireworks, especially organised fireworks displays. I have owned animals who are afraid and I have simply, during those times, devoted myself to their care and keeping for the duration. My present cat is not particularly stressed by fireworks, but I don’t send him out to bite them. I keep him indoors.

  3. moirads > See? There is a sensible, rational approach available to these people.
    I’m going to take the beagle to Strandfontein this evening. It loves the sparklers.
    Well, it might.
    We’ll see.

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