Quota video time and since there’s no decent football on tonight due to the plethora of international friendlies tomorrow, I thought that I would remind myself of the Premiership by giving you the theme tune of the international feed for that league, Kasabian’s Fire.

There’s a South African link as well, since the video was shot just up the road in picturesque and sleepy Piketburg and was probably the biggest thing to hit the dorpie since the N7 was built. It’s not every day that some boys from Leicestershire decide to pop over and hold up the bank with guitars as weapons. Don’t press that panic button or I’ll riff you to death.

Kasabian’s tenuous link with football and television don’t begin with this theme song, however.
Who could forget that they provided the music for the Sony Bravia ad featuring Kaka and a giant zoetrope?

Not you, I’m sure.

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