OK, reading back that title sounds like some sort of terrorist organisation. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s: Friday I’m In Love.

The kids both woke up in great moods this morning. Like every family, school mornings aren’t necessarily always the happiest or most relaxed times. Usually, there are no problems, but today was even better than that: everyone was happily bouncing around the house. Even the beagle was smiling.

There’s The Cure for that, and they joined us at breakfast via Youtube:

A little bastard mole even took advantage of this happy atmosphere to fall into the swimming pool and was duly relocated to somewhere a long way down the road, rather than being relocated to join the choir invisible.
I’m going all sentimental in my happiness, it seems.

So yes, enjoy your Friday, even if Saturday wait, and Sunday always comes too late.
You don’t even want to hear about the darkness forecast on Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday are apparently going to be busy at the local cardiology department. So enjoy it while you can.

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