This is how things should be – how they are supposed to work. I’m currently surfing on my parents’ wifi with an average speed of 44753kbps. This is well over 44.753 times faster than I have ever achieved on my home wifi, which, up until now, seemed pretty nippy when compared to what I had before I upgraded to the “up to” 1Mbps service I routinely use back on Cape Town.

Actually, to be fair, my home wifi is still pretty nippy when compared to that, but it’s completely amazed me to see how responsive my tablet and phone can be when allowed to play freely on the internet. Information is just there. Bang. There’s no such thing as buffering on YouTube videos. And I even had to play catchup with Flickr when uploading the latest batch of photos earlier today. Usually, I go away for a coffee or to watch a footy match or something while they upload. Today, they were there before I’d even put them there (or something).

First World Problems, I know, but suddenly it all makes sense, and it has made me realise what things can be like and how it is holding us back in SA. And it’s going to seem like dialup speeds when I get back…

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  1. To be fair, the fastest 3G speeds commonly available in South Africa are 21.6Mbps, so we’re getting there. I know I consistently live at around 3Mbps on my 3G at home, and that’s pretty quick.

    Unfortunately, it’s also pretty expensive, although that too is getting better now.

    We’ll catch up just in time to be behind again methinks.

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