Facebook testing quota photo post

It seems that the 6000 miles… Facebook feed has been having some issues lately, namely by not publishing post updates to people’s timelines. I’ve asked for and had a bit of assistance with testing some settings from some readers (thanks), mainly for the reason that I believe that it’s connected to this idea from Mnr Zuckerberg and chums:

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for users to opt in to receive notifications every time a page makes a post.

Attached to that feature is the option to have posts from the specific page appearing in your news feed. Quite why you would choose to Like a page and then not want their posts to appear in your news feed, I’m not sure, but Facebook works in mysterious ways.

Admin posts are never particularly pretty, so I’m going to throw in a quota photo to make this one vaguely more bearable.


It seems appropriate to use this photo of Port Erin by “Ron”, simply because it is also from Facebook – the Visit Isle Of Man page to be exact.

I bet that they don’t have problems getting their posts to publish on their users’ timelines. Pfft.

If you do Like 6000 miles… on Facebook, please let me know if this post appeared on your timeline. Thanks.

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