Ex-pat voting – tying up loose ends

Just seen this on twitter (via @SAelections from The Times):

The DA has won the overseas vote by 7581, COPE got 918, ANC only got 673 out of the 9857 that were cast in total.

That only leaves a maximum of 622 for the VF+. They must be pretty annoyed after all the effort they went to.
It does mean that the DA secured 77% of the expat vote and can now change the Constitution of Putney and Wimbledon. Or something.

Anyway, now the DA can add those 7,581 votes to the approximately 1,200,000 they had about an hour ago.
“Drop in the ocean” or “Viva Democracy, Viva!!”? Or perhaps a bit of both?

Incidentally, I make that a 60.5% turnout overseas in comparison with 77% here in SA, which I find strange after all the court cases, acrimony and the effort that people had to make to register.
Rather apathetic. Which is only one more letter than this whole ex-pat voting saga has been from the start.

EDIT: Here’s a snap of the IEC’s overseas election results board. VF+ only polled 270 votes. Oops!


7 thoughts on “Ex-pat voting – tying up loose ends

  1. Emil > Well, based on numbers alone, only 0.5% of anything would ever get done.
    Although, some might say that was an improvement on the current state of affairs.

  2. The turnout is not entirely accurate. 16,000 odd registered, but some were not allowed to vote on the day. I know a number of people who arrived in New York and had problems voting…

    I think the problem is that a lot of people initially registered who weren’t actually eligible, which was only found out at the voting stations

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  3. Just goes to show all those “dedicated Saffers” overseas are full of hot air. Easy throwing stones from the sidelines, but when it comes to actually doing something, its too much hassle. I always thought this was a storm in a teacup, and I think the results have proved this.

  4. It seems all expats are now “right wingers.” The stereotypes and monochrome world view continues. O, of course, the ANC won again – much of the sameness, I guess.

    Have a great weekend!

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  5. Alex > How did they get registered if they were ineligible? Didn’t hear of any of those issues in London, where I wasn’t.

    Stan > Correctum.

    Emil > Well, it would seem that the majority voted for right-of-centre parties, so Duarte is kinda correct in that regard. But what was she expecting?

    Mrs 6k > Not the most incisive political insight, but probably the most correct I have read throughout this election.

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