Everybody’s talking about…

** Tuesday morning UPDATE: click here **

…the moerse storm which is due to make landfall in Cape Town late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Big storms are always big news, but because of our ongoing drought, this one is definitely more eagerly anticipated than most. It’s also arguably the biggest since this puppy hit us in August 2008.

Here’s the latest satellite image of our friend off the South West coast right now (0800 Monday): that dark area with a horn on it like some sort of malevolent unicorn.

So – some numbers:

Currently (Monday morning), Windguru is predicting 53.8 welcome millimetres of rain beginning at 11pm on Tuesday and continuing until Thursday evening.

Storm enthusiast Bryn de Kocks says:

The Boland area in particular seems likely to receive large amounts of rain, especially towards the mountain catchment regions where rainfall is likely to be heavier due to orographic effects. We should be able to expect rainfall measurements anywhere from 50mm to 100mm in the far SW Cape and Boland area.

And given the extreme nature of the deep low pressure area right now, this seems appropriate:

The rain is great, but I’m looking forward to the wind, which will be topping 100kph (Wednesday lunchtime) and which will be playing its part in generating swells of 11 metres (Wednesday afternoon/evening). Worryingly, this coincides with high tide on Wednesday (14:28), and with the moon almost full, there’s likely to be some flooding along the west coast.

Still, have camera, may well venture out.

Thursday looks to be the coldest day of the week with a chilly maximum of 12°C. So if you’re in Cape Town, wrap up warm and do your bit to try to help those less fortunate. And remember your emergency numbers:

  • Flooding, blocked drains and service disruptions – 0860 103 089 or SMS 31373
  • Electricity outages/disruptions – 0860 103 089 or SMS 31220.
  • Road Closures, delays on roadways and deviations – 0800 65 64 63
  • Weather Reports – Cape Town Weather Office (021 934 0749/0831), weatherline (083 123 0500), listen to alerts on the radio and television or visit www.weathersa.co.za
  • Emergencies – 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone

And look out for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

11 thoughts on “Everybody’s talking about…

  1. This storm is a source of some anticipation as well as disagreement in our household. I want to take my children to witness this thing somewhere. My wife thinks I’m crazy. Where and how do you think I could prove her wrong?

  2. A highrise hotel in Cape Town overlooking the ocean through big glass windows so they are safely inside… that would be a safe compromise!

  3. Anywhere along the Atlantic coast. Seapoint prom is always impressive. But scarbs will be brilliant

  4. I think Sea Point promenade might be a bit damp and risky, all things considered.

  5. Can you imagine being in the revolving bit at the top if it caught a gust? Like a giant, sideways hamster wheel. A giant, sideways, death-inducing hamster wheel.

  6. Nonsense, Mr K. If you want to see the sea, you need to be near the sea. Carmen has got it spot on. If things get a bit hairy, you can hide behind the lighthouse or what will be left of the putt-putt.

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